My new years resolutions 2014

Looking back at my new years resolutions for 2013, I think I’ve done pretty good despite having gone through the toughest year of my life, which I didn’t factor in when I wrote them. I’m still not where I want to be health wise but I’ve taken a lot of steps to get there. By health I mean that I unfortunately suffer from anxiety, (I’m very healthy in all other aspects), which unfortunately doesn’t just stay in the mind; it prevents me from sleeping properly, which in turn makes me too tired to excersize, which means I don’t destress. It’s a bad spiral that never seems to end, but I’m putting a stop to it now in 2014. My main new years resolution is to start excersizing daily, no matter how tired I feel. It’s no fun but it’s gotta be done. No pills in the world can fix that, I just have to have some serious discipline and put my health first on a daily basis. And when I put my mind to something, I do it. I’m sooooo tired of being tired and not having the energy to do the things I love most – like music. I’ve got an exciting new band and sound that I’m super excited to get going with. Time to shake things up baby!!

Another new years resolution that I had was to go to the hair dresser and do something different for a change. Had the same hairstyle for the past couple years so it was time for a new do. And I actually followed through with this yesterday!

Long page haircutOmbre long page haircutOmbre long page hair70s haircut

It’s just a temporary haircut, I’ll always prefer the long-hair look, but fun to try something new none the less! I’m in the midst of going through a complete makeover right now in every aspect, so this is just the icing on the cake. 2013 was also the year I got rid of  my skin problems by switching to Dermalogica – and this has inspired me to put more effort into my appearance since I now have a “clean canvas” to work with. Swicthing skin care brands has prompted me to start researching skin care in general, and I found that I have kind of a passion for it haha, so much so that I will be blogging about my learnings soon cause there is so much out there that people don’t think about when they shop for skin care products that I really want to share! It helps too that I’m friends with some estheticians so I’m constantly learning new things from them.

So I feel like a teenager again, taking selfies and looking at makeup tutorials on Youtube and hanging out at Sephora haha.. but hey, soon I’ll be old and wrinkly, so gotta savor this time, right? :)


Also really excited to watch the deep house collective Sono Unica grow their brand this year – they’ve got three successful events behind them and so much more to come, and I’m so happy to be able to help out in any way that I can. For more info about what Sono Unica parties are all about, check out any of these articles (in Swedish) and then watch the after movie:


Allt om Stockholm


To the new year!

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2 Responses to My new years resolutions 2014

  1. Maggi says:

    OMG vad snygg du är i håret. Fast det har du alltid varit :-)
    Då får du hänga på mig någon gång och träna. Vi kan ta en jogg runt djurgården när det blir lite bättre väder.
    Lycka till med allt, pöss pöss

  2. Elodie says:

    Tack fina du <3 Ja jag kommer i princip bara jogga utomhus, även under snö och kyla, hatar gym. Så lite jogg runt Djurgården låter helt underbart! Bara o säga till!

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