My favorite tunes of 2013

It’s that time of year again and I’m going through my Spotify playlist to see what songs I added this year that have gotten the most love from me over the year. I have to admit I’m not as inspired musically this year as I have been in the past, I think it’s cause I’ve made a half-assed attempt at finding new music due to all the other stresses of life this year. 2014 will definitely be filled with more inspiration! Here is the list of my 13 most played tracks of 2013!

* I have to have discovered the song in 2013, regardless of what year it was released
* It has to be a good enough track that I still listen to it

13. Gorilli – Alla Gillar Brudar [Swedish hip hop]
This track is five years old… how am I just now discovering it?! Nobody I know has heard it either, though, so I had to put it on this list. Swedish rap is the sexiest music out there, always had a soft spot for it. =D

12. David August – Until We Shine [Atmospheric vocal electronica]
David August is one of my favorite artists. I saw him live on Ibiza this summer and he put on a very intense show. Best track from his latest album.

11. Andhim – Hausch [Melodic house]
Just a happy track! Perfect for powerwalking.

10. Tigerskin – This place is empty without you [Deep house]
Just so fucking beautiful. Timeless.

9. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines [commercial soul-pop]
When I heard this song for the first time, I started crying because I immediately thought about my mom and how much she would’ve loved it. I can see her dancing to it every time I hear it :’)

8. Navid – Crew is Stayin’ (Ya’ll Gotta Go) [Indie-soul pop]
I discovered Navid this year and love all his tracks! Soulful pop. This track is probably my fave.

7. Bonar Bradbury – 3two5 (Mario Bosanov remix) [Neu-disco]
Just ahhhh

6. Lake Powel – Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair [Deep house]
So beautiful.

5. Crazy P – Heartbreaker [Upbeat deep house]
This track is probably my most played of 2013. It gives me spring feelings and makes me feel generally optimistic about life.

4. Oh Land – Perfection (Atmospheric indie pop)
Probably the most beautiful pop song I’ve heard in years! It was released I believe in 2012 but I just got around to hearing it. Been slippin lately.

3. Jani/Daniel – Stargaze (Deep house)
When Jani first showed me this track he had made I immediately asked “who’s this artist?” When he said it was him I couldn’t believe my ears. He’s so fucking talented!!

2. Lana del Ray – Blue Jeans (Penguine Prison remix) [Electronic pop]
Oh this takes me back to a fun after party I was at on Ibiza this summer. My love for this remix is endless.

1. Ost & Kjex – Lulu (Electronic indie pop)
I first heard this track in 2012 at the Diynamic beach party that I refer to as the night of my life. My whole crew adopted this track as their theme song of the trip, but it wasn’t relased until 2013. I got to see Ost & Kjex play this track live in Berlin this summer and it was definitely a great moment. And since Ost & Kjex are one of my favorite all time artists, and since I’m not sick of this song yet, they deserved to be in the top spot on my list!

So there you have it! If you dig my taste in music and want to subscribe to my 2014 playlist (where I’m constantly adding new tunes, everything from pop to obscure techno to disco house and electronica), click here!


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One Response to My favorite tunes of 2013

  1. Missy says:

    Love love love Jani/Daniel Stargaze. Can’t sop listening to it. Just an amazing deep track.


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