Acupuncture – I’m sold

I just went to my last session for this 5-day treatment and I’m now a believer!

The euphoric feeling I got a couple of days ago I got today again about a half hour after the session was over, confirming that it wasn’t the postdrome of the migraine that caused the sensation like I thought but rather a direct result of the acupuncture. I feel the way I imagine you feel on morphine – light, floaty, happy, calm, balanced, harmonious… It’s so cool that a few super thin needles put in the right spots on your body can cause this sensation, I had no idea!

Has it cured my sleeping problems? I don’t know yet. I slept ok last night and very good the night before, but had a lot of anxiety during the days (for absolutely no reason, as far as I know I wasn’t thinking anxious thoughts), which is something I’ve had off and on for the past couple of years now. I guess time will tell if acupuncture really has “opened up” the flow of energy in my body as Chinese Medicine calls it, or if this is nothing more than an endorphine rush that will help me sleep good tonight and then I’ll go back to normal… time will tell.

I had another “holy shit”-moment last night though that I’m equally excited about – I put a couple of drops of lavender extract (the real kind, not the synthetic kind) on a piece of cloth and inhaled it for a minute straight, and immediately I felt the anxiety leave my body, easing me into restful sleep. It was crazy, I had no idea lavender extract could be so powerful. I wish I had known about this natural remedy before I started trying over the counter meds and had to experience withdrawal symptoms and all of that hell… I hate taking pills and stuff with synthetic ingredients, so it’s very comforting to know that all of that can be avoided even in the most desperate of conditions.

My conclusion from this week? Never underestimate mother nature. She knows her shit.


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