My favorite 14 tracks of 2014


Every year I go through my Spotify playlist and pick my favorite tunes of the past year. I mainly do it for myself so I can look back years from now and remember, but of course I love spreading good music to friends as well so I hope someone out there will get inspired from this list! 2014 has by far been my favorite music year ever so it was really difficult to narrow it down to just 14 picks, so at the end of this post I will post an equally long list of tracks that almost made the cut.

I also feel like I should mention some artists who haven’t made this list but who I’ve listened to religiously throughout the year: Kasper Bjorke, Jungle, Urulu, Finnebassen, Glass animals, Whilk & Misky, Kellerkind, Whomadewho, Yanee, Totally Extinct Dinasaours, to name a few.

Ok enough talking, here we go.

1. Laura Doggett – Phoenix (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Atmospheric pop

I can’t really explain why this song is my number one pic, all I know is it’s the one song that I’ve played the most in 2014 and I love it to pieces. I suppose maye it has helped me through some hardships and given me a feeling of hope – it’s funny how sometimes songs can capture a feeling you’re having so accurately and bring it to the surface.

2. Joachim Pastor – Wayfaring Stranger Aka Aka remix

House/electronic pop

My little sister/soulmate/best friend Cassie moved to Europe this summer from far away Minneapolis, Minnesota, and this song was running hot in my speakers as I helped her unpack her life from suit cases in her new apartment. Coincidentally the lyrics are all about traveling so it quickly became the theme song of the beginnig of our new life journey. :)

3. Qtier – Set Me On [David August Remix]

Ah, I can’t express my love for this track enough… definitely the most romantic/beautiful track I heard all year. I was lucky enough to be at David August’s live show in Berlin when he dropped this jem in the evening sun set.

4. Barac – Cuvantul Lui Iancu

Micro house/minimal/”scu”

One might wonder why this repetitive minimalistic underground track is one of my big faves, and I’ll do my best to explain, but really it’s just one of those “you had to be there” stories. Basically this year I discovered how amazing Romanian Micro house is thanks to my friends in the dj collective Sono Unica, and although I’ve been listening to this music for the last couple of years when going to their parties, it wasn’t until I saw Romanian legends Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu play at this obscure club called “Ibiza Underground” on Ibiza this summer that I truly understood it. The dark and mysterious setting mixed with the minimalistically intense beats and interesting looking people dancing in very particular ways made for a beautiful memory that I’ll never forget. It’s hard to pic a favorite track since a lot of them sound very similar but I’m gonna go with this one. :)

5. Bob Moses – Grace

Chill deep house

Ahhh I just love Bob Moses’ sound… deep, dark, mysterious vocal house with enchanting lyrics and chill singalong hooks.

6. Patryk Molinari – Monkey City

Minimal / tech house

My absolute favorite party dance track of 2014! Makes you want to dance, as the title suggests, like a monkey :) Many friday nights have started with this jam!

7. Ost & Kjex – Indie

Deep house/lounge

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Ost & Kjex track. “Indie” has been one of the most played tracks in my Spotify; I have a thing for loungy/jazzy chill songs that you can lazily sing along to while folding laundry or whatever.

8. Gorilli – Platsen Brevid

Swedish hip hop

As you probably know I have always had a sweet spot for Swedish hip hop. This is actually an older release but I discovered it last year, and I can’t stop playing this loungy beauty.

9. Caribou Tale of Us – Can’t Do Without You


Besides being a great track, this takes me back to my ‘vacation’ in Amsterdam when my sister and I visited all the top deep house clubs and stopped by the legendary Trouw where we heard this beauty in the late hours of the night. It takes me back to all the impressions I had of Amsterdam and how tall and handsome all the people were, how laid back the girls dressed, how friendly everyone was, how new and exciting everything felt…

10. Croatia Squad – Work it

Energetic house

My favorite workout track of 2014!

11. Tube & Burger – Imprint of Pleasure

Tropical deep house

When my sis and I went to Tube & Burger’s set at the deep house club Air, they dropped this tropical jam and we lost it :)

12. Hot Since 82 – Restless

Soulful deep house

Great workout track!

13. Munk & Lizzie Page

Pop (Catchy but non-commercial)

A favorite among me and my loved ones. Done a lot of silly dances to this unique pop tune.

14. Cherub – Doses and Mimosas

Some more catchy and unique indie pop for your liking!

Close runners up:

Elekfantz – teasing me

Tomas Barford – november skies (+remix)

Aran mp3 – Not Alone

Oliver Shories – Noise ball

Pete Oak – Blonde

Dan Croll – From nowhere (where is remix? Adriatique)

Amine Edge & Dance – Going To Heaven,

Gabriel Rios – Gold (Thomas Jack radio edit)

Pherell Williams – Happy

Howling – Ame remix

Millok – I’m Trippin

Vaults – Premenitions

The irrepressables – In This Shirt

Still Blue – Dim Vach, Lokasti (dsf & badi remix)

Compuphonic – Sunset

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New years resolutions 2015, summary of 2014

At the moment I’m not really using this blog for much else than summarizing the year that has been and state my ambitions for the year to come, but hopefully that will change in the future! This last year has been very eventful and I’ve sen a lot of life style improvements take place – if I were to summarize what most of my time has gone towards, I would mention the following:

– I helped my sister move from Minneapolis to Amsterdam (YEY!!!) and with all the adjustments that have followed (still ongoing..)

– had some awesome vacations in Amsterdam, Berlin and in Ibiza with friends

– Finally got my dream skin after tons of experimenting and researching (FINALLY!!!)

– Daily excersize while listening to various interesting and entertaining podcasts (Alex & Sigge, Stuff You Should Know and P3 are the faves)

– Discovered a TON of new music (Thank you Spotify, Soundcloud & Shazam <3)

– Took a TON of hilarious pictures of my entertaining cats (see separate post)

– Contemplated life and worked on myself Continue reading

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20 reasons why I love Sweden

funny Swedish cartoon

I’m Italian, Polish and American and Swedish and have traveled quite a bit so far in my tiny time on this planet. At this point in my life, I feel I could live anywhere in the world as long as I have my loved ones close and my basic human rights available to me. And yet I stay, year in and year out, in one of the darkest countries on the planet. So what is it that’s keeping me in little Sweden?

I have a complicated love hate relatonship with Sweden. Every winter I get a little obsessed with how depressing and conforming the Swedish people are, with their black coats and dark clothing. The 5 hours of daily ‘sunlight’ (mostly cloud covered skies) and empty streets makes you go a little crazy too, let me tell you. But today, on Sweden’s national day, I don’t want to talk about those things. I want to talk about why I love this place, as I’ve come to realize I have a more emotional bond to this country than I thought.

1. We’re nice to our animals. Well, we still have a ways to go, but I’m still proud to live in a country with one of the best animal welfare legislations in the world.

2. We know how to write music. I pretty much moved here to be a part of the Swedish music scene since we have such a great reputation world-wide. In any given week, we have at least one of our writers/producers involved in a top 5 hit in the American Billboard Chart. And very often I can tell if a pop song is written by a Swede – there’s just a certain sound. Perhaps it’s the dark cold lonely winters here that create the perfect environment for creative expression.

3. We look good. Not a scientific fact, but… Well there have been a lot of subjective studies done on the subject, and only Argentina & Brazil can ever beat us in this category. Other than our natural beauty, we also tend to rank high in the category of “best dressed nations” as well, second only to Italy.

5. The Swedish melancholiness. I have a love hate relationship with this one, because it can tend to go a bit overboard, but I’m listing it as a positive because it’s one of the reasons I feel so accepted here. We embrace darkness and we bond in it. There is a general acceptance here that life isn’t always happy and awesome. Hell, how can it be when there is so much suffering in the world? Being slightly depressed is something socially accepted, (and unfortunately even kind of encouraged if you ask me), but it humbles us and puts us in touch with our souls which I think is generally something positive.  Just look at our dark Ingemar Bergman films. Just listen to our melancholy traditional Christmas songs. In grade school I remember we had Friday group therapy sessions where we worked out our problems together… I doubt that exists anywhere else in the world! And I would like to argue that it is our ability to embrace sadness that makes us such great musicians.

4. Nothing too crazy ever happens around here. We don’t get natural disasters (just the occasional “thunderstorm”), *knock on wood* not really any terrorism, and we score low on the crime index. We don’t really have any poisonous animals. This calms my nerves cuz I’m a worry-wart about things like that.

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The dreaded one year anniversary

One year ago my beautiful, amazing mom left us. My plan was to avoid aknowledging this day, the dreaded one year anniversary, and I asked those around me not to remind me of it, but I guess I didn’t tell everyone, because I have now been made aware multiple times by different people.
To many (most?) grieving people, the anniversary of a loved one’s death is an important day of rememberance. To me, this is a day I want to forget at every price. It’s an anniversary of the day a horrible illness took my sweet mother’s life, and it just reminds me of the days leading up to her death and the state of mind we were all in. The days preceeding and following her passing I remember as anxious, numbing, painful, depressing, confusing, and the weeks and months to come would be the most frustrating chapter of my life. Grieving my mom all while accepting that my father had quickly gotten engaged to a new woman is what I assosciate this anniversary with. So please, I ask you all to please not remind me of this day when it comes from now on.
I would much rather remember her on her birthday, or Christmas or Thanksgiving – these are all days that bring happy, warm memories back and I know that is how she would want me to remember her! :)

Of course, I think about her almost daily, so it’s not like I need to make a special effort to remember her anyway, but it’s nice to set aside some time to remember a loved one together with those who miss her; it adds a certain touch to it.

I understand and respect that we all grieve differently and I know some of my family members will be remembering her tomorrow, but I ask that they respect that I do not want to be involved.



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My new years resolutions 2014

Looking back at my new years resolutions for 2013, I think I’ve done pretty good despite having gone through the toughest year of my life, which I didn’t factor in when I wrote them. I’m still not where I want to be health wise but I’ve taken a lot of steps to get there. By health I mean that I unfortunately suffer from anxiety, (I’m very healthy in all other aspects), which unfortunately doesn’t just stay in the mind; it prevents me from sleeping properly, which in turn makes me too tired to excersize, which means I don’t destress. It’s a bad spiral that never seems to end, but I’m putting a stop to it now in 2014. My main new years resolution is to start excersizing daily, no matter how tired I feel. It’s no fun but it’s gotta be done. No pills in the world can fix that, I just have to have some serious discipline and put my health first on a daily basis. And when I put my mind to something, I do it. I’m sooooo tired of being tired and not having the energy to do the things I love most – like music. I’ve got an exciting new band and sound that I’m super excited to get going with. Time to shake things up baby!!

Another new years resolution that I had was to go to the hair dresser and do something different for a change. Had the same hairstyle for the past couple years so it was time for a new do. And I actually followed through with this yesterday!

Long page haircutOmbre long page haircutOmbre long page hair70s haircut

It’s just a temporary haircut, I’ll always prefer the long-hair look, but fun to try something new none the less! I’m in the midst of going through a complete makeover right now in every aspect, so this is just the icing on the cake. 2013 was also the year I got rid of  my skin problems by switching to Dermalogica – and this has inspired me to put more effort into my appearance since I now have a “clean canvas” to work with. Swicthing skin care brands has prompted me to start researching skin care in general, and I found that I have kind of a passion for it haha, so much so that I will be blogging about my learnings soon cause there is so much out there that people don’t think about when they shop for skin care products that I really want to share! It helps too that I’m friends with some estheticians so I’m constantly learning new things from them.

So I feel like a teenager again, taking selfies and looking at makeup tutorials on Youtube and hanging out at Sephora haha.. but hey, soon I’ll be old and wrinkly, so gotta savor this time, right? :)


Also really excited to watch the deep house collective Sono Unica grow their brand this year – they’ve got three successful events behind them and so much more to come, and I’m so happy to be able to help out in any way that I can. For more info about what Sono Unica parties are all about, check out any of these articles (in Swedish) and then watch the after movie:


Allt om Stockholm


To the new year!

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My favorite tunes of 2013

It’s that time of year again and I’m going through my Spotify playlist to see what songs I added this year that have gotten the most love from me over the year. I have to admit I’m not as inspired musically this year as I have been in the past, I think it’s cause I’ve made a half-assed attempt at finding new music due to all the other stresses of life this year. 2014 will definitely be filled with more inspiration! Here is the list of my 13 most played tracks of 2013!

* I have to have discovered the song in 2013, regardless of what year it was released
* It has to be a good enough track that I still listen to it

13. Gorilli – Alla Gillar Brudar [Swedish hip hop]
This track is five years old… how am I just now discovering it?! Nobody I know has heard it either, though, so I had to put it on this list. Swedish rap is the sexiest music out there, always had a soft spot for it. =D
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Acupuncture – I’m sold

I just went to my last session for this 5-day treatment and I’m now a believer!

The euphoric feeling I got a couple of days ago I got today again about a half hour after the session was over, confirming that it wasn’t the postdrome of the migraine that caused the sensation like I thought but rather a direct result of the acupuncture. I feel the way I imagine you feel on morphine – light, floaty, happy, calm, balanced, harmonious… It’s so cool that a few super thin needles put in the right spots on your body can cause this sensation, I had no idea!

Has it cured my sleeping problems? I don’t know yet. I slept ok last night and very good the night before, but had a lot of anxiety during the days (for absolutely no reason, as far as I know I wasn’t thinking anxious thoughts), which is something I’ve had off and on for the past couple of years now. I guess time will tell if acupuncture really has “opened up” the flow of energy in my body as Chinese Medicine calls it, or if this is nothing more than an endorphine rush that will help me sleep good tonight and then I’ll go back to normal… time will tell.

I had another “holy shit”-moment last night though that I’m equally excited about – I put a couple of drops of lavender extract (the real kind, not the synthetic kind) on a piece of cloth and inhaled it for a minute straight, and immediately I felt the anxiety leave my body, easing me into restful sleep. It was crazy, I had no idea lavender extract could be so powerful. I wish I had known about this natural remedy before I started trying over the counter meds and had to experience withdrawal symptoms and all of that hell… I hate taking pills and stuff with synthetic ingredients, so it’s very comforting to know that all of that can be avoided even in the most desperate of conditions.

My conclusion from this week? Never underestimate mother nature. She knows her shit.


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What’s the use of worrying?

Just discovered this track… a great Paul McCartney remake that I heard in a Todd Terje set on Radio 1.
Love that the lyrics “What’s the use of worrying” perfectly fit this week’s theme of learning how to relax :)

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Acupuncture, day 3… possible breakthrough?

So last night I went to my second acupuncture treatment. And it seems I may have had a bit of a break through.

I had this headache develop throughout the day and it reached its peak right after the session was over. I think it was a migraine because I was super sensitive to light the whole day and I could barely keep my eyes open as I made my way home, and I also felt nauseated. They say you get migraines when you relax after having been stressed, which was very much the case last night. The head pain was so intense that I found myself doing the strangest things to relieve the pain; pulling at my hair, massaging my face, hands and neck, wearing sunglasses on the subway ride home, stepping barefoot on rocks… It was so aweful and I must have looked like such a freak.


As the headache began to subside, I felt an amazing rush of endorphins take over my body. I went on a walk and it literally felt like I was floating… I’ve never felt so relaxed and harmonious and naturally happy in my life before! It was the craziest natural high I have ever experienced. It lasted all evening and today I still feel very calm and harmonious. At first I was convinced that it was related to the migraine; that it was the body’s way of reacting to the shock of the pain. But I tried finding information on Google about it and found nothing. However, I did find a whole lot of articles talking about patients experiencing a ‘natural high’ after acupuncture treatments so I’m inclined to believe that’s what happened to me too. If this is the case then this is very exciting because it would be a sign that my body is responding to treatment, even if I’ve slept poorly twice in a row now, but that I attribute entirely to the humidity and temperature in my bedroom due to the current weather conditions.

This exciting new development has me longing for my third session tonight… I hope I get to experience that high again!

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